A Word Of Advice To Sellers…Things You Should Be Aware Of When You Have Your Home Listed On The Open Market

Try to resist overpricing your home; of course you want to get the most you can for your home. Most sellers aren’t just trying to “break even” on what they paid for it. You’ve got to learn to look at your home objectively, though, and price it due to the value. If the home is overpriced from the get go, it will likely sit on the market for quite a while. See: Top 10 Real Estate Tips. The truth is that buyers will notice the home has been sitting on the market for a while without selling, assume there is something wrong with it and cross it off their list. e2b30e383db091135bbd0d96fc3ea67a

Make sure you and your agent are on the same page regarding list price and marketing strategies. You and your agent should be in agreement on the price the home will be listed at, so if the range she/he suggests doesn’t match the one in your head, don’t be hesitate about asking for an explanation. As important, of course, is how she/he will promote your home. Read: 5 Tips for First-Time Home Sellers.

On top of the scheduled open houses, there will be (If the house was price right) frequent calls from agents who want to show your home to prospective buyers, frequently on short notice. And every single time, your place has to be looking its best. For you this means that, until you sell your home, you are responsible for keeping it spotless 24/7. No leaving mail out or your dry cleaning out. Picture-3108

Even if you think your house is perfect and it has been good enough for you all these years, buyers may think otherwise. Perhaps they didn’t like the paint color in the master bedroom or the tile in the kitchen. Maybe they are not crazy about having only two full bathrooms. Read: Showing Tips for Sellers.

Of course, you want to unload your house as quickly as possible, but the solemn truth is that most of the time, its difficult to sell a home quickly. It may take a while before any offers come in at all. And then, there’s the closing. If the buyer is getting a mortgage, it will take at least another month.

If you have a pet, you will have to take extra steps to ensure it doesn’t go in and out during showings. That means telling every agent who will show the house that you have a pet that they have to watch while they’re trying to do their job. Unknown-1

Before thinking on putting your house on the market, take a moment to walk the home and try to see it through a possible buyer’s eyes. Likely, you will need to paint over any bold wall colors, clean of the entire house, de-clutter and de-personalize, and make any necessary improvements that could upgrade curb appeal and ultimately affect the asking price.


2 thoughts on “A Word Of Advice To Sellers…Things You Should Be Aware Of When You Have Your Home Listed On The Open Market

  1. I really disagree with the list price that my realtor has come up with. We paid a lot of money for our house about ten years ago, and I would expect we would get at least that much back on it.

  2. Hi Amy,

    This is a common issue that sellers face. Often, sellers find out that their home isn’t worth what it once was. This is a reality that many homeowners have to terms with. I know its tough, but if the comps are saying your home is worth lower than what you paid for it, you might have to come to terms with that fact.

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